Electrolysis – Removal of skin disorders and blemishes

What can be treated with Electrolysis?

Moles, Blood spots, Milia, Skin Tags, Warts, Verruca’s, Spider Veins, Thread Veins

How Does Electrolysis work?

A very fine probe or needle is introduced to the area being treated and a tiny current of electricity is passed along it. The current of electricity actually kills off the blood supply to the blemish, which causes it to eventually die and fall away. With thread veins, the needle is inserted just underneath the surface of the skin, into the blood vessel itself and the current causes the vessel to coagulate and disappear. Depending on the blemishes being treated you may require more than one treatment.

The price of a treatment depends on the length of the treatment session. Generally, small areas or individual blemishes can be treated in a 15 minute session, while larger areas or groups of blemishes may require 30 minutes. Very large warts may occasionally require 45 minutes. This will all be discussed at consultation.

Instant Removal of up to 3 skin tags £50

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